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Wave One – A Different Way of Living and Working Life

The Wave One project, located in Sector 18, Noida, is a premium residential and commercial development that offers a different way of living and working life. The project comprises two towers, one residential and one commercial and offers a wide range of amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, and a clubhouse.

Wave One also offers a range of high-quality facilities and amenities to its tenants including property management, office cleaning and maintenance, and security services. These services are designed to help businesses save time and money, allowing them to focus on growing their operations and achieving their goals.The complex features a modern and spacious design with an impressive atrium, ample natural light, and a range of on-site amenities such as a food court, retail shops, and a fitness centre. Additionally, the complex is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and 24-hour surveillance, ensuring the safety and security of the tenants and their assets.


Another key feature of Wave One is its flexibility. The complex offers a range of flexible lease options, including short-term and long-term leases, which allows businesses to adapt their space to their specific needs. Additionally, Wave One provides customizable office layouts, enabling tenants to design their office space to suit their specific requirements.

Range of apartments

The residential tower of the Wave One project offers a range of apartments, including 1, 2, and 3 BHK options. These apartments are designed to be spacious, with high ceilings and large windows, providing plenty of natural light and fresh air. The apartments are also equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, power backup, and high-speed internet, making them a comfortable and convenient place to live.

Range of office spaces

The commercial tower of the Wave One project offers a range of office spaces, including options for small, medium, and large businesses. These office spaces are designed to be flexible, with open floor plans and plenty of natural light. They are also equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, power backup, and high-speed internet, making them a comfortable and convenient place to work.

Range of amenities

The Wave One project also offers a wide range of amenities for residents and office workers to enjoy. The project features a swimming pool, a gym, and a clubhouse, which provide a great place to relax, exercise, and socialise. The project also has a large green area, providing a peaceful and relaxing environment for residents and office workers.


The Wave One project is also well-connected to other parts of the city via a network of roads and public transportation. The nearby metro station connects the area to other parts of Noida and Delhi, making it an ideal location for those who commute to work. The area is also home to several bus stops and auto-rickshaw stands, making it easy to get around.

Work and Leisure Balance

The project offers a balance of work and leisure, with modern amenities and a convenient location, making it an ideal place to live and work. The project also provides a safe and secure environment, with round the clock security, CCTV surveillance, and fire safety systems in place.

In conclusion, the Wave One project is a premium development that offers a different way of living and working life. The project offers a balance of work and leisure with modern amenities and a convenient location. It is an ideal place for families, working professionals, and businesses looking for a comfortable and convenient place to live and work. With its prime location and modern amenities, the Wave One project is a great investment opportunity in the property market of Noida. Overall, the Wave One project is an excellent choice for businesses looking to establish a presence in Noida. With its prime location, high-quality facilities, and flexible lease options, Wave One is the perfect destination for companies looking to grow and succeed.

What Is RERA Registered Project And It’s Benefits

It’s everyone’s dream to buy a home or to own an office but is also scared of getting into home buying problems. Indian Government in order to ensure the safety and growth of the real estate industry enforced this Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Act in May 2016. Before knowing what is RERA registered let us tell you that it is the first thing you need to consider before buying any commercial space or project. This enables transparency in the home buying process. This is a step by the government to protect you from being exploited or to exploit anyone in the real estate industry. When a project is RERA registered you can without any fear invest in it. It infuses transparency and speeds up your home buying process. It protects you from unnecessary charges put by the seller ensuring timely home possession.

But you should also understand that RERA only implies the development of the property and not renting the property. You can look upon such projects to invest in. You will find enough RERA registered commercial space projects in the commercial hub of Noida sector-18. According to this Act, the seller is responsible to provide every bit of information.  Also read – RERA Registered Commercial Space Projects in Sector 18 Noida

Benefits of RERA Act by Indian Government:

  1. There is no project delay under RERA.
  2. It protects the interest of buyers and sellers alike.
  3. RERA enables transparency and obedience in the buying process between both parties.
  4. Under RERA sellers are responsible to disclose every detail of the project.
  5. With RERA you only need to pay on the basis of the carpet area or the area enclosed by walls.

Now, if you are looking to invest in one such RERA registered commercial project space opt for one of the best ones which is Wave One located in the commercial hub of Noida sector-18.

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Why We Should Take Care of Our Mental Health Today?

Living in a 21st-century world owning a company, we need to understand why is it important to take care of our employees’ mental health. Our Mental health is a very serious problem today around the world. It has become a serious concern and is affecting the performance and productivity of every worker with around more than INR 65.39 trillion in India. Due to mental disorders, the disease burden has increased from 2.5% in 1990 to 4.7% in 2017 according to a study by the India State-Level Disease Burden Initiative.

We need to know the problem of why mental health problem for employees has today become a common problem in the working section of society.

We have been ignoring the issue for so long intentionally and unintentionally. We should understand that when it comes to mental health challenges every other person is vulnerable. This is why we should always count acts that can be taken to do away with it.

Top 3 tips to maintain the mental health of your employees 

Mental health awareness programs 

A company should always keep an event focusing on exercising the mental health of the employees, especially during this trying time of the pandemic. An awareness program makes the employees not only aware of it but how to come through it. This kind of activity gives the minds of employees to work productively and with enthusiasm. Also, read – Wave One Commercial Business Space the Best in Noida

Employees should also be prioritized

Owning a company, we should understand that employees are the source of the company’s existence. We need to also prioritize the employees, this way you are eventually prioritising the growth of your company and their mental state. This gives their mind to breathe and perform well which will be beneficial for both the parties. Also, read – Why Mental Health is Important in a Workplace and Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore It?

Switch to modern office space

The working space of a company impacts a lot on the productivity side of the employee. We should always focus on providing such space that is not only comfortable for employees to communicate but space to move around too. Wave One, which is located in the commercial hub of Noida sector- 18 is a modern 41-story building promising a good working space.

So, if you are looking for one such commercial modern office space in Noida, Wave One could be the best option for you. A stress-free and comfortable workspace is waiting for you in the commercial hub of Noida Sector-18. Start investing in office spaces comfortable for your employees too, to invest in the growth of the company. Also read – Best Ready to Move Commercial Office Space in Delhi NCR

Why Mental Health is Important in a Workplace and Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore It?

The mental health of the employees is grave concern at hand for both governments and businesses all across the globe. The concern is so extreme that it cost around INR 65.39 trillion (US$ 1 trillion) as a global loss of productivity annually, affecting organizations on an extreme level in India. The cases related to employees’ poor mental health across all sectors due to depression, anxiety, hypertension, and work-related stress are increasing exponentially and are becoming very common among young adults working in a corporate world.

Even though the topic of mental health is making sounds, the stigma circling around the issue becomes a major challenge for organizations that stops them to act upon it. Hence, looking at the issue of mental from a different angle, or in this case, on a serious thought, becomes a task at hand. Workplaces should consider that everyone is prone to mental health challenges, and should consider taking some measures towards eliminating them. Also read – Ready-To-Move Commercial Office Spaces in Sector 18, Noida

Measures That Organizations Can Take to Create Mentally Healthy Workplaces

1.  Mental Health Events

Mental Health Events

Organizations can incorporate necessary workshops, training, and formal policies related to mental health in their workplaces. They can adapt resources that can be taught to senior-level management, which can identify signs of depression or anxiety and can act accordingly to provide the employees with a healthy workplace. Also, read – Why You Should Invest in Commercial Properties?

2.   Putting Employees First

Putting Employees First

Putting employees’ needs first can be a first step towards providing them with a comfortable workplace. Management can provide them with flexible working hours based on their personal life situations such as work from home or a hybrid model of working.

Employees often get demotivated when aren’t able to meet the deadlines or able to perform well. Setting realistic expectations and promoting regular breaks in offices will give them a breathing space which will only increase their productivity. Also, read – 3 Reasons to Choose Wave One as Your Next Business Space

3.  Choose Modern Office Spaces

Choose Modern Office Spaces

Today, all major workspaces are focusing more on providing modern open office spaces, for example, Wave One Business Tower – a 41-storey building located in the commercial hub of Noida. The whole atmosphere is well-lit and clean which promotes a positive working space without any distractions and stress. Open structure gives employees a space to connect with their colleagues, making them feel more involved and appreciated which enhances their morale. Also, read – 3 Top Hacks for Investors to Find a Perfect Deal

After all said and done, if you are looking for the best commercial office spaces in Noida, then Wave One can be a perfect choice for your business. The office spaces provided here are best in space, looks, and design which will not only benefit your employees but will also attract clients to invest in your business. A prime location is a must for every organization that wants to stay on the top. Also read – Premium Commercial Spaces in Noida: 2022


Increase of 10-15% in Office Spaces Leasing in 2022: Experts

“Occupiers’ intention to expand is expected to exert downward pressure on vacancies in the coming years,” said Anshuman Magazine, Chairman & CEO-India, South-East Asia, Middle East & Africa at CBRE

As per the report published by CBRE, office vacancy in NCR has increased to 27.7% in the third quarter of 2021. The developers believe that this trend will not fall short further and will continue to increase in 2022 by about 10-15% on an annual basis.

“We firmly believe that vacancies have bottomed out and the graph will turn positive in 2022. Given the relatively subdued impact of Covid phase (Omicron), we have already seen request for proposals (RFPs) from occupiers out in the market with several large transactions slated to close in first half of 2022,” said Gagan Randev, executive director, Inda Sotheby’s International Realty.

This information is necessary, as things have come back to normal. Many companies have called their employees back to the office and some have opted for a hybrid model – some employees permanently working from home and some from the office. Also read – Ready to Move Commercial Office Space Options in Noida

The pandemic has shown us the importance of open office spaces that are pretty much in demand. Even the developers are now focusing on providing open office spaces to the clients. Open office spaces like Wave One Business Tower – located in the commercial hub of Noida – Sector 18, are promoting the idea of employees’ mental health and overall health.

Open office spaces are nothing like traditional box shape cubical. These are more employee-friendly where employees are promoted to work in a comfortable atmosphere with the luxury to move around the office, talk to their colleagues, and have a break anytime they feel stressed about work. Also read – The Future of Offices in India

So, if you are looking for the best commercial office spaces in Noida, then Wave One is a perfect place to set up your business. It is a 41-stoery building with amazing facilities and amenities. The office spaces are ready to move, allowing you to get to business the very day you decide to invest in it.

Anyone can say that they are the best commercial office spaces in Noida, but when it comes to proving the statement their words fall short. That’s not the case with Wave One, as we are, what we say.

Wave One is located in the commercial hub of Noida, which already makes it the most sought commercial office space in Noida. Then comes the infrastructure. A 41-storey building is more than enough to accommodate any type of business. There are three office options available – Platinum, Gold, and Silver, that you can choose based on your business’ needs.

Other than commercial office spaces, Wave One also offer retail outlet spaces as well. So, if you are looking for the best retail outlets spaces in Noida or NCR, then you can surely take a look at what Wave One has to offer and how this space can help you in getting more business and profit.

You can check out more about Wave One on the website or you can visit the site personally to grasp why Wave One is called the best commercial office space in Noida.

RBI Monetary Policy 2022: What to Expect?

The much-awaited RBI Monetary Policy was finally unveiled by RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das last Thursday which took the market by surprise when it provided them with an unexpected dovish monetary policy. The policy left the rates unchanged. The governor informed the country about the borrowings, stating that it won’t be a big burden as it appeared to be.

The status quo of the rates implies that the interest rates in home loans neither will go up nor down and will remain the same. The no-change of repo rate also signifies the health of deposits, which will too surge significantly. The repo rate and reverse repo rate are maintained at 4% and 3.35% respectively. Also, read – What’s in for the Indian Real Estate Sector – Union Budget 2022

In his post-policy conference with the reporters, the government hinted towards the borrowing which will not be as big as it was stated in the union budget 2022. The governor also informed about the leverage provided to the foreigners who have been given a free hand to invest Rs 1 lakh crore in Indian bonds, which will take some pressure off from the borrowings habit of the country.

“The government will be borrowing Rs 65,000 crore to pass on to the National Highways Authority of India. This money would have otherwise been raised by NHAI, said Shaktikant Das. He also added further that the small savings would be higher, meaning lower borrowings. Also read – Budget 2022: Major Points for Real Estate Sector

“The whole character of inflation in the US is different. In the US, used car inflation is a major component, we do not have that and neither do we import used cars. In Europe, one of the issues is the availability of truck drivers, we do not have that issue in India. Food inflating according to Food and Agriculture Organization is ruling at 29-30% but our food inflation is 6.5%,” said RBI Deputy Governor Michael Patra.

The unchanged repo and reverse repo rate will only further promote people to take home loans, this will push investors to invest in the real estate market on a large scale. Investing in a real estate market is a good option in 2022, as this sector is expected to rise exponentially, now when things are almost back to normal. Also, read – Office Space Leasing Is Likely to Go Up By 30-35% In 2022

So, if you are looking for opportunities in investing in the best commercial projects in Noida, Sector 18, then Wave One Commercial Office Spaces could be a great choice.