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Types of Real Estate Commercial Space In India

Real Estate is today counted as one of the most secure businesses ones can invest in. This Real Estate industry unlike other markets does not change suddenly or regularly. This way we are aware of the amount we need to save in order to invest in it. India, in the recent few years, has seen a drastic cut down highly influenced by either demonetisation, RERA, COVID-19 pandemic, or the introduction of GST. Reacting to these unavoidable transformations still the real estate industry has to give applaudable results. This year 2022 we can say that his industry is still flourishing with new and innovative ideas and solutions.

With a completely new look in the industry, it has unlocked countless opportunities. Today there is more transparency and obedience in the industry in comparison to years back. As per Savills India, the demand for the real estate industry is expected to rise above 15-18 million sq. ft. by 2025.  Also read – RERA Registered Commercial Space Projects in Sector 18 Noida

There are various types of commercial properties that today we invest in. In commercial real estate, let us tell you more about three different types of commercial properties:

  1. Industrial Commercial Space:

The spaces that cover all industrial activities starting from production to manufacturing units for the business are called the Industrial Real Estate. In comparison to the past cycle of India’s economy Industrial Real Estate has performed really well with its low entry cost and flexibility. heavy manufacturing spaces, cold storage facilities, showroom bulk, flex warehouse, etc are some examples of Industrial Real Estate. Also read – Real Estate is the Best Investment in India in 2022

  1. Retail Commercial Space: 

Retail commercial spaces are mostly located in the hub area or the heart of a commercial area of the town. Retail real estate is those that work to provide products and services directly to customers. These commercial spaces are easily accessible for the consumers in comparison to the rest as these spaces are located in the heart of a commercial area. Shopping centres community retail centres, power centres, and regional malls are some examples of Retail commercial space. Also read – Best Ready to Move Commercial Office Space in Delhi NCR

  1. Office Commercial Space:

Today, there is more than enough demand for Office commercial space due to its multi-tenant capacity. It’s not very tough to find office commercial properties to invest in. There are a lot of business-specific locations that provide types of office commercial properties. Also read – Best Food Court and Entertainment Zone Spots in Noida & Delhi NCR

In this era of competition Wave, One located in the commercial hub of Noda sector-18 is doing an excellent job in providing every type of commercial space you would like to invest in.

Real Estate is the Best Investment in India in 2022

In the Real estate market in India 2022, investment has always been taken by the population as the best one to invest on for a long term and better investment. In the world market, even after getting hit by the pandemic triggering consumer behavior, the price of the property appears to be continuing to rise. A very good number of the population today is still interested in investing in real estate because the price of the property records is continuing to rise.

So, if you are looking for the best place to invest in property in India 2022 Wave One could be the best option for you. Located in the heart of commercial hub Noida sector-18 is one of the real estate booms in India. This iconic retail and corporate space, is a well-diversified conglomerate with an interest in Realty, Liquor Distribution, OTT Platforms, Sugar, Distilleries, Paper, Food Processing, and Bollywood Film Distribution.

But you should always be aware of the market where you are going to invest. Let us There are several things you need to be aware of before you decide whether to invest in real estate in 2022. Also read – Best Ready to Move Commercial Office Space in Delhi NCR

Three important things to you need to take care of before investing:

  1. Always check the price history

If you are taking part as a seller in the market this is the best time to sell your property because of a high rise in the prices in 2021. But if you are a buyer today you need to keep a hold on your buying process due to the boom in prices in 2021. Checking prices will be beneficial and loss for both the parties so understand your position and your loss with the market price before investing. Also, read – Invest in Real Estate with No or Little Money

  1. Understand the interest rates

Today you can borrow a good amount of capital that you want for the investment in real estate without much interest. As the interest has been staying low for some years now, these years might have been the best year to invest. But there is no definite reason for that remaining the same which is why there’s no guarantee that the interest rate will remain low, as the world is still healing from the pandemic. So, these years are the best when you can invest in real estate with low rates of investment before it rises.  Also, read – Invest in Food Court and Entertainment Zone

  1. Problem of uncertainty

Ever since the pandemic has hit the world, it has highly impacted consumer behavior. Make sure you have understood the changes in the way of living their life. When having a property or a real estate investment, it is very important to assess all the requirements of the people you are planning to invest in. Also read – Noida A Growing Commercial Hub In NCR

Invest in Real Estate with No or Little Money

This might sound gibberish but it’s always feasible to start investing in commercials or real estate without having to spend luxury. Let us tell you that if you are planning to invest in real estate with no or little money, you will have to develop the skill of recognizing, understanding, and also taking advantage of the opposite person’s money. When we say no money, it’s only the amount you will need for making a down payment which can be acquired by conventional loans.

To have a profitable investment with real estate as the asset compared to the other investments, it’s a necessity that always requires some significant amount of money, and cash flow. It marks the level of authenticity when you as a real estate investor know how to invest others’ money with trust in real estate.  Also, read – Benefits of Open Office Spaces

In the field of real estate investments, it is considered an art to be able to invest in real estate without not much financial input. If you are reading this, you must be aware of the fact that investing in real estate is one important step to avail financial freedom in life. So, if you wish to have a dependable passive income, investing in real estate is the best-proven choice to make. Also read – Premium Commercial Spaces in Noida: 2022

Three significant ways to invest with no or little money:

  1. Opt for seller financing: One best way to invest better with no or little money is to do it through seller financing. In situations when you find it difficult to get a loan, you can always go for finance from the sellers following certain terms from their side. This way you will be provided with cash to invest further in real estate.
  2. Opt for lease: Lese is always an option that you can count on to invest with less or no money. In this lease option, you will be charged a little higher payment than the actual rent by the property owner you are buying from, and that excess charge will be considered as your buying payment.
  3. Trade your property: If you already have an old property to sell or put on a lease, you can always trade this old property for a new one. This way you won’t be able to spend on a new one but you will always have a property to invest in other than yours. This is also another way of investing in real estate with less or no money.

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Commercial Real Estate Market is Buzzing: Noida to Become Commercial Hub

For almost a decade now, various parts of Noida, other than the countless industries and business houses which are already located in the region, have turned into business hotspots. Today Noida is considered as one of the premium locations for various commercial spaces. This is why the demand for commercial office spaces in Noida has been in high demand, promising growth than any other real estate region.

Commercial Real Estate Market is Buzzing. Noida to Become Commercial Hub

The region is to be the hub of commerce as the popularity grows between investors and buyers. Due to the covid-19 crisis hitting the sentiment and economy of the country market growth in between was muted but is now witnessing high growth.  Also read – Ready to Move Office Spaces,Entertainment Zone,and Food Courts

Here are the reasons why you should invest in Wave One

1. Location

commercial office space

The best thing about this commercial space is its location- the commercial hub of Noida-Sector 18. This commercial space is surrounded by various other popular companies and commercial spaces like Wave One. Hence, it has more than enough chances to cater to a huge population that wants to spend holiday time or quality time with their family or friends. A good location should be the priority for to business to run smoothly and to be a success for the business. Also read – The Best Time to Start Investing in Real Estate is Today

2. Premium Office Spaces

Premium Office Spaces

The offices at Wave One are designed with every modern feature that could benefit you and your business. This modern 41-story building highlights the artwork of an internationally recognized architect, Brennan Beer Gorman from New York. The look of these standard offices enhances not only the modern look but the comfortable environment of the working space. The whole atmosphere is well equipped to give comfort giving a positive working space in every office ranging from silver to platinum. Also read – Ready-To-Move Commercial Office Spaces in Sector 18, Noida

3. Entertainment Zone & Food Court

Multiplex Space in Noida Sector 18

Wave One also dedicates a separate floor as an entertainment zone. It has multiplex separately for kids’ playground, food court, etc. The specialty of this food court in Wave One gets its benefits from its location- the commercial hub of Noida- sector 18. This multiplex will perform to attract various other non-commercial customers looking for fun and entertainment. Also read – Find Best Food Court & Multiplex Spaces in Sector 18, Noida

food court space noida

If you are looking for such one best commercial office space in this commercial hub, we assure you to get every need will be fulfilled as you opt for Wave One for your business. This investment will be one of those best ones as it will not only benefit you commercial-wise but will also attract your clients to invest in your commerce and comfortable space to work for your employees.

Ready to Move Office Spaces,Entertainment Zone,and Food Courts

The Best Time to Start Investing in Real Estate is Today

The benefits of investing in real estate are numerous that can benefit you in the long run, providing you with great returns on both commercial and residential properties. The more you wait, the costlier properties become. Real estate is that one sector that never settles for less and attracts potential clients from all walks of life.

So, if you are looking for the best property to invest in Noida, then Wave One Business tower could be a perfect place for you. The tower is located in the commercial hub of Noida, i.e., Sector 18. It is the most premium location in Noida that attracts many clients all year round. This could be your chance to invest in a premium real estate project that will for sure bring positive returns in the future. Also, read – 3 Top Hacks for Investors to Find a Perfect Deal

Why Should You Invest in Wave One?

1. Modern Office Spaces

Modern Office Spaces
Modern Office Spaces

Wave One – a 41-storey building is designed by internationally recognized architect, Brennan Beer Gorman from New York that enhances its look to the next level, showcasing the world that ‘we mean business.’

The interiors are designed to inculcate future possibilities, so that you, your business and your employees can work in a peaceful environment surrounded by technology-ready offices that come with separate spacious conference rooms for conducting every important meeting. Also, read – Why You Should Invest in Commercial Properties?

Wave One provides open office spaces that eliminate the existing hierarchy approach, promoting the feeling of equality among the co-workers. The open structure also makes communication easier for the employees and gives them a space to feel free.

So, if you are looking for the best commercial office spaces in Noida, Wave One could be the perfect place for your business. Also read – Ready-To-Move Commercial Office Spaces in Sector 18, Noida

2. Entertainment Zone & Food Court

Entertainment Zone & Food Court
Entertainment Zone & Food Court

Wave One business tower is about every business and things related to it. It has a separate dedicated floor of entertainment zone where you can set up your business of multiplex, kids’ playground, etc. Your business could be anything, we have a place for you everything.

And, how can we forget about the food court space that Wave One provides? the commercial hub of Noida- Sector 18 We all are already familiar with what food courts are, right? So, what makes Wave One’s food court special and different? It is its location – commercial hub of Noida- Sector 18. The tower is surrounded by numerous famous companies that have the potential to attract people all day long who are looking to spend some quality time after a hard day of work or with family or friends or with someone special. Now, don’t postpone the events due to the lack of outing places. Also read – Find Best Food Court & Multiplex Spaces in Sector 18, Noida

3. Let Out at Retail Outlets

Let Out at Retail Outlets
Let Out at Retail Outlets


People are looking for newer things every day. They want new clothes, new accessories, and new-of-everything. That’s with us humans, that we don’t ever get satisfied with the things and crave for something or the other. By settling your retail outlet at Wave One business tower, you will be able to cater to the needs and demands of the people. People love to shop in a prime location of the city, where they expect to find the best things for themselves. That’s where Wave One comes in. It has everything people look for today! We strive to deliver the best! Also, read –Buy Best Retail Space in Noida

So, if you are looking for the best retail outlets in Noida, then look nowhere else and invest in Wave One retail outlets today.

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3 Top Hacks for Investors to Find a Perfect Deal

Finding the best commercial properties is never easy. Many developers and investors have to go through a lot of thinking, discussions, and site visits before they can secure the deal. However, even if you aren’t a professional real estate agent or have no idea how to move further in selecting the best deal either commercial or residential, these hacks or tips will help you to find the perfect deal suited to your expectations.

Top Hacks You Can Apply to Find the Best Deals Around

1. Understand the Value

Based on the location of the site or property, the value of the property can vary. Some locations which already home many big residential or commercial projects will have a little high price value compared to the ones which are just in the process.

So, when you are selecting the property, learn about its location, nearby projects, talk to the real estate agent, and understand what the project holds for the future. If it looks like a profitable decision, we suggest you go for it, otherwise, wait and look for some other sites. Remember, patience is the key. Also, read – Why You Should Invest in Commercial Properties?

2. Look for Motivation

Here, motivation means looking for the seller who is willing to sell off his property even if they are getting a lower price. These sellers are usually the ones who are either moving to the new city and want to dispose of their property at the earliest or the ones who are in dire need of money. If you land such an opportunity, make sure that you properly understand what the property entails and what all needs to be done after it has been handed over to you. Also, read – The Future of Offices in India

3. Consult the Right Broker

It is very important that you consult a broker before you end up purchasing the best commercial or residential property. Why is that? Because when you feel that home remedies aren’t working, you go to the doctor for a better and clean consultation. In the same way, a broker is a doctor who specializes in real estate properties related issues.

So, if you are looking for the best commercial property in Sector 18, Noida, Wave One could be the one where you can end your search. It is an ongoing project with an amazing future. You won’t find anything better than Wave One Commercial Tower as it is located in the commercial hub of the Noida – Sector 18.

It comes with future-ready modern open office spaces that are customized with separate and spacious conference rooms. The tower has its own parking space that can park over 2800 cars. The whole area is secured with security imported from Israel. Also read – A Favourable Climate for Property Investment: 2022

Budget 2022: Major Points for Real Estate Sector

At 11:00 AM on 1st February 2022, the Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman introduced the Union Budget for 2022-23. The infrastructure sector or the real estate sector contributes 6% in the India’s GDP. Even when the economy was struggling to get back on its feet, it was the real estate sector that kept it alive.

The Finance Minister infused several investment schemes into the real estate sector to boost it further and revive it to its previous glory. Though there was no relief provided to the working-class people, there are reforms, investments, and projects that will eventually boost the Indian Real Estate Sector, which will allow the middle-class and upper-middle-class people to invest in the commercial or residential projects like Wave One Commercial Project in Sector 18, Noida.

Major Highlights of the Union Budget 2022

1. Expert Panel to be Introduced

The Finance Minister told the parliament that a High-Level Expert Panel will be formed that will solely focus on the details and problems confining the real estate sector. This will help the government to pinpoint the specific issues related to the infrastructure and its growth. The panel will be responsible to focus on both residential and commercial projects of the country.

2. PM Housing Schemes

PM Housing Scheme – Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana was launched in June 2015 with a sole purpose – “Housing for All”. The scheme work towards providing two crore homes to people belonging to economically weaker sections, low-income groups, and middle-income groups. This budget has promised to infuse Rs 48,000 Cr into the PM Housing Schemes all over the country.

3. Focus on Solar and Hydro Sector

Solar and Hydro Power is going to change the face of the country with its constant innovation and technological advancements. At present, Solar Energy is being infused in the real estate sector, where the government is pushing the use of solar panels to produce natural electricity.

With this budget Rs 14,000 Cr will be infused in the solar and hydro projects of the country. Whereas, Rs 19,500 Cr will be pushed into the Solar Sector to manufacture solar cells within the country.

“Budget 2021-22 provided sharp increase for public investment. Throughout the year…our economic recovery is continuing to benefit from the multiplier effect. This Budget continues to provide impetus to both. One, a blueprint which is futuristic…and number two, big public investment for modern infrastructure ready for India at 100 years,” said the finance minister in her budget speech.

4. Gati and Shakti

The finance minister spent a good deal of time in explaining the parliament about the PM Gati Shakti Plan, a defined platform to track the performance of infrastructure projects.

“Rs 20,000 crore will be mobilised through innovative ways of financing to complement the public resources,” added Sitharaman.

Other highlights of the PM Gati Shakti Scheme

1) Railways will offer new products for small farmers and MSMEs, integrate coastal and railway network.

2) ‘One station, one product’ concept will be popularised to help local businesses. 400 new-generation Vande Bharat trains will be developed and manufactured in the next three years.

3) 100 PM Gati Shakti cargo terminals will be developed in the next three years.

4) 2,000 km under Kavach for safety and capacity augmentation.

Union Budget 2022: What To Expect?

Even before the pandemic took over the state of the world, Indian real estate sector was riding a roller coaster ride with many great downs and small ups. But looking at the present state of the sector which is showing great signs of recovery due to macro-economic, government interference, the developers, buyers, and sellers are looking forward to Union Budget 2022.

The real estate market sector’s state can’t be ignored, as it one of the top contributors of GDP of India with 6% of contribution. On top of that, sectors like steel and cement, which are indirectly connected with real estate feel the impact of the latter’s downfall. Also, real estate sector is a source of employment for both skilled and unskilled workers. Hence, it becomes crucial for the government to work as a catalyst to improve real estate’s present state.

Income tax relief for home buyers

What is expected from the government? In order to revive the demand, the government can provide some relief to the home buyers by raising the tax slab on the home loan interest to Rs 5 lakh from Rs 2 lakh. This expected revised tax slab will also act as a financial cushion to the middle class who are looking forward to purchase a home in 2022. The demand-pull needs to be curated in such a way that it promotes healthy sustainable real estate growth, which will only help the country getting back to its previous glories.

Impact of the Pandemic on People’s Lives

WFH culture became a new normal, which is still active in many cities and offices. To make this shift easy, the government needs to allow it in the CLSS scheme of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY).

GST reforms 

No act is in a perfect state. That’s why our constitution have a provision to make desirable changes based on people’s need and time. The real estate sector is also expecting changes in the GST as well, such as adjustments in the input tax credit. This will lower the construction cost, resulting into lower property prices. Lower prices will boost  the demand and help the industry to get back on track.

Lowering the GST on raw materials like cement, iron, bricks, steel, etc, would boost the sector’s demand, eventually helping the GDP to grow and improve gradually. The developers are hoping that the raw materials used in the construction should be included in the list of essential items, as home is basic and fundamental need of the people. The GST on raw materials should be fixed at 12%. Also read – What’s in for the Indian Real Estate Sector – Union Budget 2022

What’s in for the Indian Real Estate Sector – Union Budget 2022

2020 – what a year it was, right? Filled with so many uncertainties, yet possibilities and hope. People looking out through their closed windows, in hope for brighter future. Well, things are changing, the world is getting back to normal, and the economy that was on a downfall showed V-shaped recovery. The real estate sector was one of the important sectors that supported the India economy during the pandemic. This sector contributes 6% in the GDP share which is a lot, if you consider the macro-economic.

The Union Budget for 2022-23 will be presented by the Finance Minister of India on 1st February 2022. Many developers are hopeful that this year’s budget would change the condition of the Indian real estate sector by providing some relief and adjustments from the government’s side.

What’s in for the Indian Real Estate Sector – Union Budget 2022

“At a time when the economy is anxious about recovery due to the Omicron threat, we look forward to a positive approach from the budget. In addition to agriculture, the focus is likely to be maintained on manufacturing, infrastructure, and the real estate sector in the budget. On the wish list will once again be infrastructure status for real estate sector. It has the potential to unlock a host of benefits for boosting foreign as well domestic investment. Reduction in GST rates of key construction material, an extension of credit linked subsidy scheme (CLSS) and enhancement in interest deduction limits on housing loans are also highly desirable,” said Anurag Mathur, CEO, Savills India.

“The country is poised for growth in Life Sciences R&D. A special policy focus on this aimed at attracting investment in R&D real estate will provide a great platform for future. All these will go a long way in attracting investment, accelerating demand, and supporting a higher growth trajectory,” Anurag Mathur added further.

“With signs of revival already visible over the last few months, the realty sector is looking at robust housing demand in 2022 and beyond. While interest rates are already at their lowest, a tax holiday for homebuyers will go a long way in boosting the market sentiment, nudging fence sitters to take a decision. Focus should be given to stalled/ stressed projects, apart from providing impetus to affordable and rental housing as we enter 2022 . This will likely free up capital and provide liquidity to the sector. Additionally, serious thoughts need to be given to GST towards major input materials as the rising cost structure could lead to long-term increase in prices thereby softening demand,” says Farshid Cooper, MD, Spenta Corporation.

“The realty sector in the pandemic has become one of the most trusted investment choices for buyers and investors. The sector, despite early shocks, effectively utilized the emerging trends and customer choices to sustain growth. Technology adoption and digitalisation largely aided growth. We saw how favourable government policies such as stamp duty cuts, low-interest rates on home loans and infrastructure development supported the sector. We expect that the Union Budget will announce customer-friendly steps such as tax reliefs to homebuyers to encourage and empower them. We also expect a single-window clearance mechanism to fast track approvals and avoid project delays. The sector is one of the largest employers and growth engines, and efforts should be made on boosting connectivity, industrialisation and technology penetration across the country to strengthen the investment climate, generate better revenues and accelerate the country’s development,” said Yashank Wason, Managing Director, Royal Green Realty.

A Favourable Climate for Property Investment: 2022

Thinking of investing in real estate properties? Well, 2022 is here and so is the best time for investing in the real estate market. There is no debate when it comes to expecting great returns from investing in real estate properties. It is the best option for a long-term investment.

The Union Budget of 2022 is about to be placed in the Parliament, and the real estate market which contributes around 6% to the GDP of India, is expecting some relief from the government. The industry is expecting rationalisation of taxes and certain alteration when it comes to affordable housing and other measures.

Many real estate developers believe that 2022 is going to be the best time to invest in this industry.

1. Freedom Of Ownership

“You can build the house of your dreams at your own pace,” says Bhushan Nemlekar, Director of a real estate developer. So, instead of spending all our savings in one go, you can define the budget and gradually you can proceed in the direction.  Also, read – 5 Ways to Invest in Indian Real Estate for Big Returns.

“When buying an apartment, buyers are often limited to the architect’s vision of a home. They can rarely make changes to the property or the layout of a home. In case of a plot, you have the freedom to design it from scratch, add elements that are important to you and even use your choice of materials,” adds Rohit P Oddar, Managing Director, Real Estate Development Company. Also, read – Office Space Leasing Is Likely to Go Up By 30-35% In 2022.

2. No Extra Maintenance

A residential plot requires a very little investment and maintenance in the beginning. “Whether you see yourself living in your pre-constructed apartment or not, you will still need to pay maintenance charges. Some of these charges are of regular frequency, for example, the maintenance fees issued by housing societies. However, with a plot, there is virtually no maintenance required. Even the most inexperienced investor can purchase land without having to worry about regular maintenance,” says Poddar. Also, read – The Future of Offices in India.

3. Higher Returns on Investment

“Plots always have a higher yield and appreciate in value over time. If the location is perfect in terms of infrastructure and price and size of the land, then consumers can expect higher returns. The quality, space planning, maintenance, valuation, and many other factors of the apartment or bungalow depend on the kind of plot that consumers choose,” adds, Manju Yagnik, Vice Chairman of an autonomous Real Estate Developers’ Association. Also read – Noida A Growing Commercial Hub In NCR.