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Rera Registered Office Space in Sector 18 Noida

The Real Estate Regulation and Development Act was implemented in 2016. If you are looking forward to investing in RERA registered commercial space that offers office space then you must be looking for a long-time investment, right? Be it a long-time or short-term investment you must know that it should always be a RERA registered investment. The government of India implemented this Act to protect the investors from being exploited while investing and to ensure their trust of them to let this sector grow more. This was to bring transparency and balance over investments.

Today, be it government office space or corporate nobody wants to set their offices in private properties where no one can see. It’s always in the public area or commercial area. It makes it easier for both employees and employers. If you are looking forward to knowing more about RERA registered projects for your office space then you have made the right choice. Also read – RERA Registered Commercial Space Projects in Sector 18 Noida

Wave One is a premium project in the commercial hub of Noida sector -18. One perfect rera registered project with lushed office space to invest in.

While you must be still confused about why exactly we need to invest in RERA registered projects keep reading to know.

Three benefits of investing in Rera registered office space 

  1. No project delays

If you are looking forward to opening office space soon this will be the most secure option. Rera registered projects are not allowed to delay beyond fixed dates. There is the assurance of no delays in projects. Also read – What Is RERA Registered Project And It’s Benefits

  1. The interest of both the parties are protected

If either of the sides delays in further process of the project investment the interest percent rises for both the parties alike It protects the interest of buyers and sellers alike. Also read – Benefits of Open Office Spaces

  1. Transparency between both the parties

RERA ensures transparency and obedience in the buying and selling process between the parties. If the project is RERA registered the sellers are responsible to share every detail of the project with you. Also read – Best Ready to Move Commercial Office Space in Delhi NCR

RERA Registered Commercial Space Projects in Sector 18 Noida

RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) has been established by the Government of India under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 to take required control over the real estate and to look after the problems faced by the property buyers. This type of project can be trusted to invest your money in and buy the property as this protects your interest and maintains transparency, keeping you away from being exploited. This was enabled by the Government as an ACT to enable the correct flow of knowledge between buyers and sellers.

The commercial hub of Noida sector-18 is such a location where you will find enough RERA registered commercial space projects. Located in this commercial hub Wave One is one such RERA registered project in Noida. It is one of the premium reliable upcoming commercial projects in Noida where you can confidently invest. In this RERA registered commercial space, you will have an unbiased and fair transaction throughout the buying and selling process. Wave One has made the real estate buying and investment processes simpler with the very least chance of getting exploited. Also read – Real Estate is the Best Investment in India in 2022

Now that we know what RERA registered projects are and if you are not yet convinced and confused about whether to invest in commercial real estate in Noida below are some more convincing benefits you can read before you make the decision.

Three benefits of investing in RERA  registered projects in greater Noida

Deal with transparency: 

This RERA Act has enabled much-required transparency in every information they provide to their buyers. With this Act, the sellers are supposed to give every single piece of information to the buyers which ensure there is no chance of exploitation or fraud. Also read – Best Ready to Move Commercial Office Space in Delhi NCR

No additional payment for excess area: 

This is one of the major benefits of investing and buying from RERA registered projects. You will not be charged any extra amount for the built-up and the super built-up area which is the area between walls. Elevators, stairs, the lobby, the balcony, and various other common spaces will come with the home buying cost, no extra cost. Also read – Benefits of Open Office Spaces

Zero chance of project delays:  

RERA registered projects make you free from all those hassles delayed taking over of the property. Under this Act, sellers are not allowed to delay and if done so are supposed to pay an interest of 2% rate.   Also read – New Retail Outlets for Sale in the Commercial Hub of Noida


Invest in Real Estate with No or Little Money

This might sound gibberish but it’s always feasible to start investing in commercials or real estate without having to spend luxury. Let us tell you that if you are planning to invest in real estate with no or little money, you will have to develop the skill of recognizing, understanding, and also taking advantage of the opposite person’s money. When we say no money, it’s only the amount you will need for making a down payment which can be acquired by conventional loans.

To have a profitable investment with real estate as the asset compared to the other investments, it’s a necessity that always requires some significant amount of money, and cash flow. It marks the level of authenticity when you as a real estate investor know how to invest others’ money with trust in real estate.  Also, read – Benefits of Open Office Spaces

In the field of real estate investments, it is considered an art to be able to invest in real estate without not much financial input. If you are reading this, you must be aware of the fact that investing in real estate is one important step to avail financial freedom in life. So, if you wish to have a dependable passive income, investing in real estate is the best-proven choice to make. Also read – Premium Commercial Spaces in Noida: 2022

Three significant ways to invest with no or little money:

  1. Opt for seller financing: One best way to invest better with no or little money is to do it through seller financing. In situations when you find it difficult to get a loan, you can always go for finance from the sellers following certain terms from their side. This way you will be provided with cash to invest further in real estate.
  2. Opt for lease: Lese is always an option that you can count on to invest with less or no money. In this lease option, you will be charged a little higher payment than the actual rent by the property owner you are buying from, and that excess charge will be considered as your buying payment.
  3. Trade your property: If you already have an old property to sell or put on a lease, you can always trade this old property for a new one. This way you won’t be able to spend on a new one but you will always have a property to invest in other than yours. This is also another way of investing in real estate with less or no money.

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Benefits of Open Office Spaces

If you are from the working section of the society reading this, you must have now realised that the open office spaces offer you more scope of communicating with people and flexibility while at work. If you want your employees to work in more social spaces open office spaces are the right choice for you. With open office space, the workstations are located nearby each other rather than in individual cubicles and private spaces.

Open office spaces will help in maximising the flexibility of the number of people. You are able to fit in more employees and help them increase their productivity as they sit together and work as a team. With the open office space, you can always shuffle the layout of the office to let fit your total number of employees. Whereas in typical or traditional office layout which ha cubicles and rooms for particular people, you need to buy more and more space which also detaches the team from the other. Also, read – Wave One Commercial Business Space the Best in Noida

The reason today more and more people are opting for open office spaces why? Because this layout of open office space helps in removing the visible and invisible barriers between not just employees but also supervisors.

Let’s find out why an open office is the right choice for you

No communication gap between workers

In an open office space, the traditional one tends to work more as a team than as individual employees. When there’s no scope of miscommunication between the employees the productivity of a team comes out which eventually helps your company and the employees grow. When the flow of communication is smooth and fine it eventually reflects in the work. Also read – Ready to Move Office Spaces, Entertainment Zone, and Food Courts

It is Cost-effective

Open offices are more cost-effective than traditional cubicles or private offices. With less overhead, you can ensure each employee has the necessary space and equipment to conduct business. Just think how much you can save when you don’t have to buy large individual desks and cubicle walls. Traditional cubicles or private offices in comparison to open offices are more expensive. You are supposed to buy more floors for all the different teams of the company, which is way more expensive than owning just one floor with all the employees working as one team there.

It’s on-trend

The popularity of an open office space design and layout is getting dominant and powerful ever since people started trying it. There are hundreds of corporates and companies that have switched to this mode of office environment leaving behind the traditional one. It’s easier for the companies to introduce their employees to the clients which give positive hope in regard to work. Whereas, in traditional office space, they don’t get any communication with the employees which makes it difficult to trust the company at first.

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