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What Is RERA Registered Project And It’s Benefits

It’s everyone’s dream to buy a home or to own an office but is also scared of getting into home buying problems. Indian Government in order to ensure the safety and growth of the real estate industry enforced this Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Act in May 2016. Before knowing what is RERA registered let us tell you that it is the first thing you need to consider before buying any commercial space or project. This enables transparency in the home buying process. This is a step by the government to protect you from being exploited or to exploit anyone in the real estate industry. When a project is RERA registered you can without any fear invest in it. It infuses transparency and speeds up your home buying process. It protects you from unnecessary charges put by the seller ensuring timely home possession.

But you should also understand that RERA only implies the development of the property and not renting the property. You can look upon such projects to invest in. You will find enough RERA registered commercial space projects in the commercial hub of Noida sector-18. According to this Act, the seller is responsible to provide every bit of information.  Also read – RERA Registered Commercial Space Projects in Sector 18 Noida

Benefits of RERA Act by Indian Government:

  1. There is no project delay under RERA.
  2. It protects the interest of buyers and sellers alike.
  3. RERA enables transparency and obedience in the buying process between both parties.
  4. Under RERA sellers are responsible to disclose every detail of the project.
  5. With RERA you only need to pay on the basis of the carpet area or the area enclosed by walls.

Now, if you are looking to invest in one such RERA registered commercial project space opt for one of the best ones which is Wave One located in the commercial hub of Noida sector-18.

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Invest in Real Estate with No or Little Money

This might sound gibberish but it’s always feasible to start investing in commercials or real estate without having to spend luxury. Let us tell you that if you are planning to invest in real estate with no or little money, you will have to develop the skill of recognizing, understanding, and also taking advantage of the opposite person’s money. When we say no money, it’s only the amount you will need for making a down payment which can be acquired by conventional loans.

To have a profitable investment with real estate as the asset compared to the other investments, it’s a necessity that always requires some significant amount of money, and cash flow. It marks the level of authenticity when you as a real estate investor know how to invest others’ money with trust in real estate.  Also, read – Benefits of Open Office Spaces

In the field of real estate investments, it is considered an art to be able to invest in real estate without not much financial input. If you are reading this, you must be aware of the fact that investing in real estate is one important step to avail financial freedom in life. So, if you wish to have a dependable passive income, investing in real estate is the best-proven choice to make. Also read – Premium Commercial Spaces in Noida: 2022

Three significant ways to invest with no or little money:

  1. Opt for seller financing: One best way to invest better with no or little money is to do it through seller financing. In situations when you find it difficult to get a loan, you can always go for finance from the sellers following certain terms from their side. This way you will be provided with cash to invest further in real estate.
  2. Opt for lease: Lese is always an option that you can count on to invest with less or no money. In this lease option, you will be charged a little higher payment than the actual rent by the property owner you are buying from, and that excess charge will be considered as your buying payment.
  3. Trade your property: If you already have an old property to sell or put on a lease, you can always trade this old property for a new one. This way you won’t be able to spend on a new one but you will always have a property to invest in other than yours. This is also another way of investing in real estate with less or no money.

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3 Top Hacks for Investors to Find a Perfect Deal

Finding the best commercial properties is never easy. Many developers and investors have to go through a lot of thinking, discussions, and site visits before they can secure the deal. However, even if you aren’t a professional real estate agent or have no idea how to move further in selecting the best deal either commercial or residential, these hacks or tips will help you to find the perfect deal suited to your expectations.

Top Hacks You Can Apply to Find the Best Deals Around

1. Understand the Value

Based on the location of the site or property, the value of the property can vary. Some locations which already home many big residential or commercial projects will have a little high price value compared to the ones which are just in the process.

So, when you are selecting the property, learn about its location, nearby projects, talk to the real estate agent, and understand what the project holds for the future. If it looks like a profitable decision, we suggest you go for it, otherwise, wait and look for some other sites. Remember, patience is the key. Also, read – Why You Should Invest in Commercial Properties?

2. Look for Motivation

Here, motivation means looking for the seller who is willing to sell off his property even if they are getting a lower price. These sellers are usually the ones who are either moving to the new city and want to dispose of their property at the earliest or the ones who are in dire need of money. If you land such an opportunity, make sure that you properly understand what the property entails and what all needs to be done after it has been handed over to you. Also, read – The Future of Offices in India

3. Consult the Right Broker

It is very important that you consult a broker before you end up purchasing the best commercial or residential property. Why is that? Because when you feel that home remedies aren’t working, you go to the doctor for a better and clean consultation. In the same way, a broker is a doctor who specializes in real estate properties related issues.

So, if you are looking for the best commercial property in Sector 18, Noida, Wave One could be the one where you can end your search. It is an ongoing project with an amazing future. You won’t find anything better than Wave One Commercial Tower as it is located in the commercial hub of the Noida – Sector 18.

It comes with future-ready modern open office spaces that are customized with separate and spacious conference rooms. The tower has its own parking space that can park over 2800 cars. The whole area is secured with security imported from Israel. Also read – A Favourable Climate for Property Investment: 2022

5 Ways to Invest in Indian Real Estate for Big Returns

Investing in real estate is a long-term strategy. Unlike the stock market where you can expect profits in real-time, getting good returns on the real estate investment can take time. However, profit on real estate is far better than the stock market in the long run. You can start investing in real estate by paying the upfront estimated value of the property and paying the total balance plus interest, over time. This makes investing in real estate easy and affordable.

The following are the ways in which you can start investing in Indian real estate:

1.    Rental Properties

If you own a residential property, which is not in use, you can put the property on the market as a rented property. Not only this will lead to monthly rent from the tenants, but will also help you in maintaining the property, which isn’t possible if you are living away from the property. Also read – 5 Ways to Promote Your Work Area Projects for 2022.

2.    Real Estate Investment Groups (REIGs)

Real Estate Investment Groups could be an ideal investment for the people who want to own a real estate property without any hassle that comes along with it.

REIGs are like small mutual fund, that redirects the money by investing in rental properties like, houses, apartments, etc. The investors can then purchase the property through the company, and can become part of the REIGs.

The investors can either own a single or more than one property, but the maintenance and other hassle are all done by the group, in exchange for some percentage from the monthly rent. Also read – Top Ways to Manage Noise in Open Office Spaces.

3.    House Flipping

This is one of the ways to invest in real estate, however, it is a costly process. House flipping is done when the buyer purchases some old or damaged property from the owner and then renovates it accordingly. The investor then puts the property on the market for sale or rent. House flipping requires early investment, in terms of, purchasing and renovation. Also read – 3 Creative Ways To Fix Echo in High Ceiling Offices.

4.    Buy REITs

REITs allow you to invest in real estate properties without actually buying them. In simple terms, they are mutual funds of real estate, where investors invest in some residential or commercial property owned by the REITs, and in return, the investors are paid back the profits. Just like the stock market, where the investor has to crucially invest in the stock after researching about the company’s return, the buyer investing in the real estate property also has to see, if the property is even worth investing in.Also read – Looking for Commercial Property and Offices in Noida Sector 18.

5.    Use Online Real Estate Investing Platform

These online real estate investing platform connects borrowers to investors, who are willing to purchase the property, and are in need of early investment. These investors are then paid interest on their investment which is usually very high. So, if you are an investor looking for some high return profits, you can invest in real estate through online platforms. Also read – Commercial Real Estate Professional – Tips, Tricks & Trends.

Top Ways to Manage Noise in Open Office Spaces

These days, open office spaces are in the trend. Almost every commercial office space is either being built in the open office structure or is being renovated into becoming one. But why? That’s because an open office space gives the employees a healthy environment where they can work efficiently and effectively.

If you have accidentally seen Google’s office, you might know what we are trying to talk about. Their office is like a playground. Open, colorful, green, and whatnot. Office spaces like Google give out the positive vibe and motivation to work productively.

However, there are is one drawback with open office spaces, the noise. Because the space is more open, the sound or noise now travels at a faster rate, as now it doesn’t have many things or stuff to absorb it. More noise can disturb the employees and can affect their productivity. Also read – Best Top Location for Commercial Investment in Noida.

But, this can be sorted out in a creative way. What’s that? Let’s see, the top ways to manage noise in open office spaces:

1.    Hang a Few Acoustic Baffles

Now, when you have got an open office space, you might be concerned about the noise it creates. There is a thing called acoustic baffles, which can be hung on the ceiling. These baffles absorb the sound and reduce its traveling distance. These acoustic baffles come in several amazing designs and sizes, which can also enhance the interiors of the office. So, based on your overall office’s design and wall color, you can choose the baffles that complement it perfectly.

2.    Or the Acoustic Panels

Like acoustic baffles, there are acoustic panels as well. These sound-absorbing panels can be installed on the walls like a painting or picture. You can install them in the common working area and in the conference room where important meetings and conferences take place. Also read – How to Choose the best Commercial Property in Noida?

3.    Go Green

The best part about plants is that they not only keep the atmosphere clean and healthy, they also act as natural sound absorbers and give the office space a really beautiful and green look. Also, there is no such thing as enough plants. More plants, more oxygen in the atmosphere. Also read – Commercial Real Estate Professional – Tips, Tricks & Trends.

4.    Paint The Wall

Acoustic coat wall paint is a heavy-bodied, water-based paint that is applied in several layers on the wall. These layers absorb the sound to a certain level, reflecting the minimum sound, hence, decreasing the overall sound levels in the room. These paints are nothing sort of extraordinary, they just have got the extra coating and hard layers, that’s it. Also read – Looking for Commercial Property and Offices in Noida Sector 18.

Why Choose Waveone?

So, if you are looking for good open commercial office space in Sector 18 Noida, then Waveone could be the place where your search ends. They are located in the commercial hub of Noida, where several big companies are also settled.

Facilities at Waveone

  • Spacious open space
  • Soundproof rooms and conference rooms
  • Advanced security features
  • 2800+ car parking spots
  • Green atmosphere
  • Affordable office spaces

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Best Tips To Create More Productive Conference Rooms

Not every strategy can be made out in the open between all the people and noise. We need a space where our mind can wander and unleash the chain of thoughts like a horse running in the wild, ending up in the desired place (in our case, a decision). That’s why we need multiple conference rooms in the office, installed with soundproof material, so that, your thoughts and talks can stay inside the room, and features like a pre-reservation system, unique and vibrant designs, etc.

But how can you make the conference room more productive and creative, and still can get the most out of it? In this article, we will tell you about the best tips to create soundproof conference rooms and how to make the meetings more productive. Also read – Best Location for Commercial Investment in Noida.

Tips To Create More Productive Conference Rooms

1.     Use A Centralized Booking System

So, when brainstorming about the conference room design plan, focus on installing the space with a centralized booking system. This system allows you to book the room in advance, so that, there is no confusion among the different teams about the vacancy of the room. This system also allows you to book the conference room in advance for future dates as well. Also read – Office Room Ideas to Make Most of Your Space.

Other features of a dedicated booking system include:

  • Real-time space availability and next availability
  • Different platforms to make reservations
  • Email confirmation

2.   Layout The Design

Conference rooms can be used for various purposes such as presentations, workshops, training, etc. It is better to decide beforehand for what purposes the conference room is going to be used. Install the space with technology like Smart Tv, projector, slides, etc. These features can make the meetings more productive and based on the objective of the same, you can use them accordingly. Also read – Top Affordable Home Decorating Ideas.

3.   Sound Proofing The Room

Workplaces are filled with different people working on different things and projects. Also, not every important meeting is for everyone. That’s why it is important to make the conference room soundproof, this keeps the important information and talks inside the space, without disturbing other people.

Making Meetings More Productive at Wave One

Wave One commercial office space is located in Sector 18, Noida. They have amazing and spacious office spaces for every business needs. The office spaces come with advanced conference rooms added with all the features and technology. So, if you are looking for office space in sector 18 Noida, we suggest you take a look at Wave One before you end up setting up your business or company in a place that is going to make you regret your decision in the future.
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Step by Step, Indian Real Estate is Reviving From Covid Effect – Report

Soon after the lockdown was lifted, the Indin economy has been experiencing a ‘V-shape’ recovery, and everything has started to get back on track slowly and steadily. Even, the Indian real estate market is showing signs of great recovery where both residential and commercial property sections are healing from the Covid-19 effect. The pandemic came as a surprise to all of us. It brought everything to halt. From small to medium to large businesses, almost everything suffered the wrath of Covid-19.

Thankfully, things are getting better now. All thanks to the fast vaccination drive which allowed us to get vaccinated at a faster pace, so that, we could get back to live an almost normal life. The commercial office spaces were left abandoned when the ‘Work from Home’ policy was applied in almost every office and business, the renting and leasing saw a decline as people were more inclined towards saving more and spending less because no one knew when the lockdown will come to an end, all these things made the Indian real estate market slow in terms of economic growth. However, things are taking a sharp turn now and we are getting back on track. Also, read  – Which is a Better Option? Real Estate? Or Stocks? Or Both?.

“The market seems to have factored in the very low likelihood of a complete lockdown as was seen last year due to the ample availability of the Covid vaccine. Comparatively lower residential prices, attractive interest rates, and higher household savings rates over the past year should support housing demand going forward. With the upcoming festive season, the market is gearing up for new project launches and consumers are likely to reciprocate,” said Shishir Baijal, CMD, Knight Frank India.

The top seven Indian property markets saw a jump of a record 124% in housing sales, as per the data collected by JLL, and the data collected by Knight Frank showed a rise of 92% in housing sales.

“Developers have already started launching optimally sized apartments to capture changing consumer preference across most of the cities. The Indian residential sector is expected to witness sustained growth in the coming quarters. Renewed buyer confidence has been instrumental in the recovery of the housing market in Q3 2021, which recorded a good volume of sales and launches compared to the same period last year and almost inching towards the pre-covid era,” said Siva Krishnan, head – residential, India, JLL. Also read – Commercial Real Estate in Post-COVID World.

Among the large metro cities, Chennai, Bengaluru, and National Capital Region (NCR) saw the highest recovery in terms of sales and purchase.

In terms of renting and purchasing, the real estate market is heading towards great stability. It is believed that, by the end of the fourth quarter of 2021, the market will see a higher transactions rate, as people are now more confident and are actively taking part in reviving the economy.

Which is a Better Option? Real Estate? Or Stocks? Or Both?

Many investors have moved on to investing in the stock market where they put their hard-earned money, in order to get a premium and fast returns. Right now, the stock market is experiencing a boom where there are a lot of opportunities for the investors trying to get some profit on their savings, in a short period of time. Though there are risks involved while investing in the stock market, however, looking at the returns you get after investing in stocks makes it a more preferable option.

Still, there are many people who prefer to invest in real estate. For years, people have been investing in the property market and some of them have got amazing returns as well. The only problem with investing in real estate is that you won’t get the fast return which you usually get by investing in a stock market.

However, both Real Estate and Stocks are good investment opportunities. The former gives you an assured return in the long run and is considered less risky, while the latter gives you a return in a shorter time but involves maximum risk. Also read – Commercial Real Estate Professional – Tips, Tricks & Trends.

What Are Stocks?

A company or business listed on the stock exchange allows the general public to buy their company’s stocks. These stocks then are put on the exchange where their profit is solely based on the market conditions. This agreement allows you to earn profit as the company’s stock goes up and bad returns if the stocks don’t perform well in the market. Today, RBI has made it pretty easier for people to invest in stocks. All you need is a Demat account which is very easy to create and can be made on the stock investing apps or through the bank in which you have your active account. All the transaction is safe and is visible to you so that you can keep a tab on your savings and profit in real-time.

Working professionals who have a regular income prefer investing the stocks compared to investing in real estate. Investing in stocks was never this easy, as now, students with no regular income can also invest in stocks. How cool is that?

Investing in Real Estate?

For generations, people have been investing in real estate where they either buy a piece of land or property, in hope with that in near future they will sell it with profit in hand. This was and still is one of the best ways to invest your money, as it has got almost no risk factor involved. The only problem with investing in real estate is that you have to have enough amount available in your hand where you are able to invest it when the opportunity arrives. On the other hand, in stock, you can invest with less money in your hand and can expect great returns. Also read – Best Location for Commercial Investment in Noida.

However, we aren’t saying that you should only invest in stock and not in real estate. Both of them are good options. So, based on your financial situation, you can choose either of the options.

Looking for Commercial Property and Offices in Noida Sector 18

If you stumbled upon this article, in search of the best commercial property in Noida Sector 18, then you are in the right place. Wave One commercial property in Noida Sector 18 offers you the best commercial offices in Noida which you won’t find anywhere else. We know what a task it is to look for properties, and that too, in a place like Noida. Sector 18 of Noida is called the commercial hub for a very good reason. Several big companies and brands have got their office in this area which makes it an attractive place to invest or start something new.

Let’s tell you why should you choose Wave One as your next commercial property in Noida Sector 18.

Why Choose Wave One?

  1. Best Location

If you are thinking of shifting your business to Noida or planning to start a new one, then you might be aware of the fact, that Noida is the best place for that. Already, Noida is home to many large, medium, and small businesses. You can comfortably reach the place by road or metro. Also read –Best Location for Commercial Investment in Noida.

  1. Always In Demand

Sector 18 is a commercial hub of Noida, which makes it an attractive place to invest or start a business. That’s why the prices here are so competitive, and finding the right commercial office space can be a bit of a task. Wave One Commercial Real Estate offers you affordable spaces so that you can start your dream business as soon as possible without worrying about competition and market price. Also read – Best Infrastructure in Noida.

  1. Top Brands Within Reach

Top businesses like Wipro, HCI, Adobe, IBM, Sapient, and Infosys have got their well-settled and established offices in the very Sector 18 of Noida. This is one of the reasons why the prices in this place are so high. But, Wave One offers you amazing and affordable commercial offices in Noida. Also, read-  Ready to Move Commercial Office Space Options in Noida.

  1. Best Facilities Available

Every business wants to settle in a place where they can avail themselves of the best facilities and amenities, so that, you and your hardworking employees can work efficiently and effectively. At Wave One you get several amazing facilities so that you can run your business smoothly without any hassle. From foreign security to parking space installed with the latest technology, here at Wave One we have it all! Also read – Tallest Building or Mega Structures in Noida.

So, if you are looking for commercial property in Noida Sector 18 or Office Space in Noida Sector 18, then we suggest you to visit Wave One, once. One look is enough when you get affordable and amazing spaces in a commercial hub of Noida.

Commercial Real Estate Professional – Tips, Tricks & Trends

Commercial real estate agents use their selling skills to either buy or sell properties to interested buyers looking for a space suitable to their needs. As an agent, you help people in buying, selling, and renting real estate properties – commercial and residential.

What else do commercial real estate agents do?

Other than selling properties by acting as a broker or middlemen in the process, agents also help in several other stuff such as:

  • They advise the buyers about the market conditions, price, and other important things related to the property.
  • They advise sellers on how to keep or make their properties attractive enough so that they become easier to sell and can attract potential buyers.
  • They keep a tab on the competition and the market price of similar properties.
  • They guide both seller and buyer during the whole transaction period.
  • They are always on their toes to show the properties to potential buyers.

Let’s look at some of the tips, tricks, and trends that will help you advance your real estate skills and boost your strength as being the best real estate agent. Also read –Tallest Building or Mega Structures in Noida.

  1. Expand Your Influence Circle

One of the most effective ways to increase contacts and leads is through the real estate sphere of influence (SOI) business method. This technique helps in generating leads through people you already know, which can be your family, friends, relatives, etc. When you have made a list of people who can help you in spreading your name and business, ask them personally or during an event to spread the word to their known people.

  1. Be Professional

As they say, “the first impression is the last impression.” It surely does stand correct in the real estate industry. Look does matter. So, next time when you are meeting a potential client, be well-dressed and have a welcoming smile on your face, as this will put the buyer at ease and he will feel more comfortable around you. Consider, this as one of the most important commercial real estate tips if you want to grow yourself as a real estate agent. These little things do make a lot of difference. Also read – Best Infrastructure in Noida.

  1. Use Technology

The use of modern technology is one of the most beneficial commercial real estate tips when it comes to spreading about your business. Why is that? People don’t have the luxury to go out and see the sites for themselves, so they search for them on their smartphones. So, if you have a website about your commercial real estate business where you show them all the related properties and tell them about it, for sure they will call you up to enquire more about it. Many commercial real estate businesses don’t get to move out of their locality as they don’t have a presence over the internet. They don’t show up when are searched about it. This hinders their progress and success. So, having an internet presence is one of the most important commercial real estate tricks through which you can easily spread your business and increase your clientele.

All said and done, these were some of the commercial real estate tips which you can use to expand your business and to better yourself so that you can be the best real estate agent in the market. Also read Ready to Move Commercial Office Space Options in Noida.