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Why should you invest in a commercial space in Noida?

Investments are key to increasing wealth. No one gets wealthy by savings, but only when people start investing their savings, they start becoming wealthy. When making an investment it is important to weigh the risks and returns so that you can make a wise decision. Real estate is the most common and safe investment but it comes with its own risks as well. If you are planning to invest in real estate then you should be aware of the location and the project. Do not invest in a property blindly, first be sure of the authenticity of any real estate project and then invest. 

If you are keen on investing in real estate then explore the commercial spaces in Noida. Commercial spaces are more profitable than residential properties and any investment in Delhi NCR is beneficial in the long run. There are many commercial properties in Delhi NCR but the best is Wave One business tower in Noida

Wave One business group has been in the real estate market for over sixty years and has built a strong reputation. It is admired for its professionalism and corporate ethics. Wave One business tower is located in sector 18 of Noida and has many office spaces. One can invest in these spaces and then rent it out to companies. 

Here are the reasons why Noida is the right place for investment- 

Growing opportunities-

Over the past years, Noida and Gurgaon have become the corporate hubs of Delhi NCR. Delhi being the capital is already the fastest state, and due to this Noida’s economy has also seen a boom in a few years. Many big companies and brands have opened their offices here, leading to increased employment opportunities and growth of the real estate market as well. Given the scenario, more and more offices are going to open up here and the prices of these commercial buildings are going to rise. 

Growing Economy-

Delhi NCR is considered as the Smart City and to increase the growth of its economy, the finance minister of India has announced that the current government would soon make Delhi NCR, Smart City 2.0. This evolution is going to open more doors to employment opportunities for people outside Delhi NCR. Once this happens, people from across the country are going to move to Noida and this would lead to a boom in the real estate market, both commercial and residential properties.

The Best Time to Start Investing in Real Estate is Today

The benefits of investing in real estate are numerous that can benefit you in the long run, providing you with great returns on both commercial and residential properties. The more you wait, the costlier properties become. Real estate is that one sector that never settles for less and attracts potential clients from all walks of life.

So, if you are looking for the best property to invest in Noida, then Wave One Business tower could be a perfect place for you. The tower is located in the commercial hub of Noida, i.e., Sector 18. It is the most premium location in Noida that attracts many clients all year round. This could be your chance to invest in a premium real estate project that will for sure bring positive returns in the future. Also, read – 3 Top Hacks for Investors to Find a Perfect Deal

Why Should You Invest in Wave One?

1. Modern Office Spaces

Modern Office Spaces
Modern Office Spaces

Wave One – a 41-storey building is designed by internationally recognized architect, Brennan Beer Gorman from New York that enhances its look to the next level, showcasing the world that ‘we mean business.’

The interiors are designed to inculcate future possibilities, so that you, your business and your employees can work in a peaceful environment surrounded by technology-ready offices that come with separate spacious conference rooms for conducting every important meeting. Also, read – Why You Should Invest in Commercial Properties?

Wave One provides open office spaces that eliminate the existing hierarchy approach, promoting the feeling of equality among the co-workers. The open structure also makes communication easier for the employees and gives them a space to feel free.

So, if you are looking for the best commercial office spaces in Noida, Wave One could be the perfect place for your business. Also read – Ready-To-Move Commercial Office Spaces in Sector 18, Noida

2. Entertainment Zone & Food Court

Entertainment Zone & Food Court
Entertainment Zone & Food Court

Wave One business tower is about every business and things related to it. It has a separate dedicated floor of entertainment zone where you can set up your business of multiplex, kids’ playground, etc. Your business could be anything, we have a place for you everything.

And, how can we forget about the food court space that Wave One provides? the commercial hub of Noida- Sector 18 We all are already familiar with what food courts are, right? So, what makes Wave One’s food court special and different? It is its location – commercial hub of Noida- Sector 18. The tower is surrounded by numerous famous companies that have the potential to attract people all day long who are looking to spend some quality time after a hard day of work or with family or friends or with someone special. Now, don’t postpone the events due to the lack of outing places. Also read – Find Best Food Court & Multiplex Spaces in Sector 18, Noida

3. Let Out at Retail Outlets

Let Out at Retail Outlets
Let Out at Retail Outlets


People are looking for newer things every day. They want new clothes, new accessories, and new-of-everything. That’s with us humans, that we don’t ever get satisfied with the things and crave for something or the other. By settling your retail outlet at Wave One business tower, you will be able to cater to the needs and demands of the people. People love to shop in a prime location of the city, where they expect to find the best things for themselves. That’s where Wave One comes in. It has everything people look for today! We strive to deliver the best! Also, read –Buy Best Retail Space in Noida

So, if you are looking for the best retail outlets in Noida, then look nowhere else and invest in Wave One retail outlets today.

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Which is a Better Option? Real Estate? Or Stocks? Or Both?

Many investors have moved on to investing in the stock market where they put their hard-earned money, in order to get a premium and fast returns. Right now, the stock market is experiencing a boom where there are a lot of opportunities for the investors trying to get some profit on their savings, in a short period of time. Though there are risks involved while investing in the stock market, however, looking at the returns you get after investing in stocks makes it a more preferable option.

Still, there are many people who prefer to invest in real estate. For years, people have been investing in the property market and some of them have got amazing returns as well. The only problem with investing in real estate is that you won’t get the fast return which you usually get by investing in a stock market.

However, both Real Estate and Stocks are good investment opportunities. The former gives you an assured return in the long run and is considered less risky, while the latter gives you a return in a shorter time but involves maximum risk. Also read – Commercial Real Estate Professional – Tips, Tricks & Trends.

What Are Stocks?

A company or business listed on the stock exchange allows the general public to buy their company’s stocks. These stocks then are put on the exchange where their profit is solely based on the market conditions. This agreement allows you to earn profit as the company’s stock goes up and bad returns if the stocks don’t perform well in the market. Today, RBI has made it pretty easier for people to invest in stocks. All you need is a Demat account which is very easy to create and can be made on the stock investing apps or through the bank in which you have your active account. All the transaction is safe and is visible to you so that you can keep a tab on your savings and profit in real-time.

Working professionals who have a regular income prefer investing the stocks compared to investing in real estate. Investing in stocks was never this easy, as now, students with no regular income can also invest in stocks. How cool is that?

Investing in Real Estate?

For generations, people have been investing in real estate where they either buy a piece of land or property, in hope with that in near future they will sell it with profit in hand. This was and still is one of the best ways to invest your money, as it has got almost no risk factor involved. The only problem with investing in real estate is that you have to have enough amount available in your hand where you are able to invest it when the opportunity arrives. On the other hand, in stock, you can invest with less money in your hand and can expect great returns. Also read – Best Location for Commercial Investment in Noida.

However, we aren’t saying that you should only invest in stock and not in real estate. Both of them are good options. So, based on your financial situation, you can choose either of the options.