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Benefits of open office spaces in Noida

If you are from the working section of the society reading this, you must have now realized that the open office spaces offer you more scope of communicating with people and flexibility while at work. If you want your employees to work in more social spaces open office spaces are the right choice for you. With open office space, the workstations are located nearby each other rather than in individual cubicles and private spaces.

Open office spaces will help in maximizing the flexibility of the number of people. You are able to fit in more employees and help them increase their productivity as they sit together and work as a team. With the open office space, you can always shuffle the layout of the office to let fit your total number of employees. Whereas in typical or traditional office layout which ha cubicles and rooms for particular people, you need to buy more and more space which also detaches the team from the other. Also read – RERA Registered Commercial Space Projects in Sector 18 Noida

The reason today more and more people are opting for open office spaces why? Because this layout of open office space helps in removing the visible and invisible barriers between not just employees but also supervisors.

Let’s find out why an open office is the right choice for you

  1. No communication gap between workers

In an open office space, the traditional one tends to work more as a team than as individual employees. When there’s no scope of miscommunication between the employees the productivity of a team comes out which eventually helps your company and the employees grow. When the flow of communication is smooth and fine it eventually reflects in the work. Also read – Best Ready to Move Commercial Office Space in Delhi NCR

  1. It is Cost-effective

Open offices are more cost-effective than traditional cubicles or private offices. With less overhead, you can ensure each employee has the necessary space and equipment to conduct business. Just think how much you can save when you don’t have to buy large individual desks and cubicle walls. Traditional cubicles or private offices in comparison to open offices are more expensive. You are supposed to buy more floors for all the different teams of the company, which is way more expensive than owning just one floor with all the employees working as one team there. Also, read – Benefits of Open Office Spaces

  1.   It’s on-trend

The popularity of an open office space design and layout is getting dominant and powerful ever since people started trying it. There are hundreds of corporates and companies that have switched to this mode of office environment leaving behind the traditional one. It’s easier for the companies to introduce their employees to the clients which gives positive hope in regard to work. Whereas, in traditional office space, they don’t get any communication with the employees which makes it difficult to trust the company at first.

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What Is RERA Registered Project And It’s Benefits

It’s everyone’s dream to buy a home or to own an office but is also scared of getting into home buying problems. Indian Government in order to ensure the safety and growth of the real estate industry enforced this Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Act in May 2016. Before knowing what is RERA registered let us tell you that it is the first thing you need to consider before buying any commercial space or project. This enables transparency in the home buying process. This is a step by the government to protect you from being exploited or to exploit anyone in the real estate industry. When a project is RERA registered you can without any fear invest in it. It infuses transparency and speeds up your home buying process. It protects you from unnecessary charges put by the seller ensuring timely home possession.

But you should also understand that RERA only implies the development of the property and not renting the property. You can look upon such projects to invest in. You will find enough RERA registered commercial space projects in the commercial hub of Noida sector-18. According to this Act, the seller is responsible to provide every bit of information.  Also read – RERA Registered Commercial Space Projects in Sector 18 Noida

Benefits of RERA Act by Indian Government:

  1. There is no project delay under RERA.
  2. It protects the interest of buyers and sellers alike.
  3. RERA enables transparency and obedience in the buying process between both parties.
  4. Under RERA sellers are responsible to disclose every detail of the project.
  5. With RERA you only need to pay on the basis of the carpet area or the area enclosed by walls.

Now, if you are looking to invest in one such RERA registered commercial project space opt for one of the best ones which is Wave One located in the commercial hub of Noida sector-18.

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RERA Registered Commercial Space Projects in Sector 18 Noida

RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) has been established by the Government of India under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 to take required control over the real estate and to look after the problems faced by the property buyers. This type of project can be trusted to invest your money in and buy the property as this protects your interest and maintains transparency, keeping you away from being exploited. This was enabled by the Government as an ACT to enable the correct flow of knowledge between buyers and sellers.

The commercial hub of Noida sector-18 is such a location where you will find enough RERA registered commercial space projects. Located in this commercial hub Wave One is one such RERA registered project in Noida. It is one of the premium reliable upcoming commercial projects in Noida where you can confidently invest. In this RERA registered commercial space, you will have an unbiased and fair transaction throughout the buying and selling process. Wave One has made the real estate buying and investment processes simpler with the very least chance of getting exploited. Also read – Real Estate is the Best Investment in India in 2022

Now that we know what RERA registered projects are and if you are not yet convinced and confused about whether to invest in commercial real estate in Noida below are some more convincing benefits you can read before you make the decision.

Three benefits of investing in RERA  registered projects in greater Noida

Deal with transparency: 

This RERA Act has enabled much-required transparency in every information they provide to their buyers. With this Act, the sellers are supposed to give every single piece of information to the buyers which ensure there is no chance of exploitation or fraud. Also read – Best Ready to Move Commercial Office Space in Delhi NCR

No additional payment for excess area: 

This is one of the major benefits of investing and buying from RERA registered projects. You will not be charged any extra amount for the built-up and the super built-up area which is the area between walls. Elevators, stairs, the lobby, the balcony, and various other common spaces will come with the home buying cost, no extra cost. Also read – Benefits of Open Office Spaces

Zero chance of project delays:  

RERA registered projects make you free from all those hassles delayed taking over of the property. Under this Act, sellers are not allowed to delay and if done so are supposed to pay an interest of 2% rate.   Also read – New Retail Outlets for Sale in the Commercial Hub of Noida


Real Estate is the Best Investment in India in 2022

In the Real estate market in India 2022, investment has always been taken by the population as the best one to invest on for a long term and better investment. In the world market, even after getting hit by the pandemic triggering consumer behavior, the price of the property appears to be continuing to rise. A very good number of the population today is still interested in investing in real estate because the price of the property records is continuing to rise.

So, if you are looking for the best place to invest in property in India 2022 Wave One could be the best option for you. Located in the heart of commercial hub Noida sector-18 is one of the real estate booms in India. This iconic retail and corporate space, is a well-diversified conglomerate with an interest in Realty, Liquor Distribution, OTT Platforms, Sugar, Distilleries, Paper, Food Processing, and Bollywood Film Distribution.

But you should always be aware of the market where you are going to invest. Let us There are several things you need to be aware of before you decide whether to invest in real estate in 2022. Also read – Best Ready to Move Commercial Office Space in Delhi NCR

Three important things to you need to take care of before investing:

  1. Always check the price history

If you are taking part as a seller in the market this is the best time to sell your property because of a high rise in the prices in 2021. But if you are a buyer today you need to keep a hold on your buying process due to the boom in prices in 2021. Checking prices will be beneficial and loss for both the parties so understand your position and your loss with the market price before investing. Also, read – Invest in Real Estate with No or Little Money

  1. Understand the interest rates

Today you can borrow a good amount of capital that you want for the investment in real estate without much interest. As the interest has been staying low for some years now, these years might have been the best year to invest. But there is no definite reason for that remaining the same which is why there’s no guarantee that the interest rate will remain low, as the world is still healing from the pandemic. So, these years are the best when you can invest in real estate with low rates of investment before it rises.  Also, read – Invest in Food Court and Entertainment Zone

  1. Problem of uncertainty

Ever since the pandemic has hit the world, it has highly impacted consumer behavior. Make sure you have understood the changes in the way of living their life. When having a property or a real estate investment, it is very important to assess all the requirements of the people you are planning to invest in. Also read – Noida A Growing Commercial Hub In NCR

Increase of 10-15% in Office Spaces Leasing in 2022: Experts

“Occupiers’ intention to expand is expected to exert downward pressure on vacancies in the coming years,” said Anshuman Magazine, Chairman & CEO-India, South-East Asia, Middle East & Africa at CBRE

As per the report published by CBRE, office vacancy in NCR has increased to 27.7% in the third quarter of 2021. The developers believe that this trend will not fall short further and will continue to increase in 2022 by about 10-15% on an annual basis.

“We firmly believe that vacancies have bottomed out and the graph will turn positive in 2022. Given the relatively subdued impact of Covid phase (Omicron), we have already seen request for proposals (RFPs) from occupiers out in the market with several large transactions slated to close in first half of 2022,” said Gagan Randev, executive director, Inda Sotheby’s International Realty.

This information is necessary, as things have come back to normal. Many companies have called their employees back to the office and some have opted for a hybrid model – some employees permanently working from home and some from the office. Also read – Ready to Move Commercial Office Space Options in Noida

The pandemic has shown us the importance of open office spaces that are pretty much in demand. Even the developers are now focusing on providing open office spaces to the clients. Open office spaces like Wave One Business Tower – located in the commercial hub of Noida – Sector 18, are promoting the idea of employees’ mental health and overall health.

Open office spaces are nothing like traditional box shape cubical. These are more employee-friendly where employees are promoted to work in a comfortable atmosphere with the luxury to move around the office, talk to their colleagues, and have a break anytime they feel stressed about work. Also read – The Future of Offices in India

So, if you are looking for the best commercial office spaces in Noida, then Wave One is a perfect place to set up your business. It is a 41-stoery building with amazing facilities and amenities. The office spaces are ready to move, allowing you to get to business the very day you decide to invest in it.

Anyone can say that they are the best commercial office spaces in Noida, but when it comes to proving the statement their words fall short. That’s not the case with Wave One, as we are, what we say.

Wave One is located in the commercial hub of Noida, which already makes it the most sought commercial office space in Noida. Then comes the infrastructure. A 41-storey building is more than enough to accommodate any type of business. There are three office options available – Platinum, Gold, and Silver, that you can choose based on your business’ needs.

Other than commercial office spaces, Wave One also offer retail outlet spaces as well. So, if you are looking for the best retail outlets spaces in Noida or NCR, then you can surely take a look at what Wave One has to offer and how this space can help you in getting more business and profit.

You can check out more about Wave One on the website or you can visit the site personally to grasp why Wave One is called the best commercial office space in Noida.

4 Ways to Create “Healthy” Office Spaces

Whether creating a new workspace or renovating the old one, emphasis on creating a healthy environment has never been this important. When the employees sit in a healthy workspace, they not only become more productive but enjoy their work as well, and they feel the motivation to come to the office every day. We often, feel like that our daily life is nothing more than a loop, doing the same thing each and every day.

However, things are changing. The office spaces are becoming more interactive and welcoming. The walls don’t stare back, as they are now being coloured with positive colours, which brings out the positive emotions. The concept of cubicles has become a thing of the past because now, the workspaces are being designed in an open space structure, which allows you to have your privacy but also allows you to stay closer to your teammates.

Waveone commercial office spaces in Sector 18, Noida have been promoting the idea of healthy workspaces even before the arrival of the pandemic. It is a 41-stoery building covering more than 2 million square feet of area that is located in the core of Sector 18, Noida. The structure is designed by an internationally renowned architect, Brennan Beer Gorman from New York. Also read – Looking for Commercial Property and Offices in Noida Sector 18.

Why Choose Waveone?

If you are looking for the best commercial office spaces in Sector 18, Noida, which promotes a healthy working environment for your employees, then this could be the place where your search ends.

1.    Open Office Structure

Open Office Structure

The benefit of open office space is that you can use the whole area instead of creating several separate rooms. Waveone offers three open office spaces options – Platinum Office Space, Gold Office Spaces, and Silver Office Spaces. So, based on your company’s needs, you can choose the one that suits them best. Also read – Best Location for Commercial Investment in Noida.

2.    Sound Proof Space

Sound Proof Space

Waveone office spaces come installed with acoustic panels and baffles, that not only make the area soundproof but beautify the whole as well. These panels compliment the wall colours of the space and enhance the area’s overall appearance, making it a more positive and fun area to work in.

3.    Balanced Workplace Wellness

Balanced Workplace Wellness

Natural light and accessible outdoor space can contribute toward keeping employees’ mental health in check.

Waveone office spaces get sufficient natural lights, which helps in creating a healthy atmosphere, and the employees also get the luxury to enjoy some ‘me time’ or breaks from constant working. Also read – Tallest Building or Mega Structures in Noida.

4. Movement Free Space

Movement Free Space

The best part about open office spaces is that it allows people to move around freely when in need of having a break. Even the health experts suggest that one should not sit in one place for more than an hour. Movement free spaces like Waveone office spaces gives employees the luxury to get up from their seat whenever they feel a little overworked, to have a stroll around the office. Also read – Ready to Move Commercial Office Space Options in Noida.

Commercial Real Estate Professional – Tips, Tricks & Trends

Commercial real estate agents use their selling skills to either buy or sell properties to interested buyers looking for a space suitable to their needs. As an agent, you help people in buying, selling, and renting real estate properties – commercial and residential.

What else do commercial real estate agents do?

Other than selling properties by acting as a broker or middlemen in the process, agents also help in several other stuff such as:

  • They advise the buyers about the market conditions, price, and other important things related to the property.
  • They advise sellers on how to keep or make their properties attractive enough so that they become easier to sell and can attract potential buyers.
  • They keep a tab on the competition and the market price of similar properties.
  • They guide both seller and buyer during the whole transaction period.
  • They are always on their toes to show the properties to potential buyers.

Let’s look at some of the tips, tricks, and trends that will help you advance your real estate skills and boost your strength as being the best real estate agent. Also read –Tallest Building or Mega Structures in Noida.

  1. Expand Your Influence Circle

One of the most effective ways to increase contacts and leads is through the real estate sphere of influence (SOI) business method. This technique helps in generating leads through people you already know, which can be your family, friends, relatives, etc. When you have made a list of people who can help you in spreading your name and business, ask them personally or during an event to spread the word to their known people.

  1. Be Professional

As they say, “the first impression is the last impression.” It surely does stand correct in the real estate industry. Look does matter. So, next time when you are meeting a potential client, be well-dressed and have a welcoming smile on your face, as this will put the buyer at ease and he will feel more comfortable around you. Consider, this as one of the most important commercial real estate tips if you want to grow yourself as a real estate agent. These little things do make a lot of difference. Also read – Best Infrastructure in Noida.

  1. Use Technology

The use of modern technology is one of the most beneficial commercial real estate tips when it comes to spreading about your business. Why is that? People don’t have the luxury to go out and see the sites for themselves, so they search for them on their smartphones. So, if you have a website about your commercial real estate business where you show them all the related properties and tell them about it, for sure they will call you up to enquire more about it. Many commercial real estate businesses don’t get to move out of their locality as they don’t have a presence over the internet. They don’t show up when are searched about it. This hinders their progress and success. So, having an internet presence is one of the most important commercial real estate tricks through which you can easily spread your business and increase your clientele.

All said and done, these were some of the commercial real estate tips which you can use to expand your business and to better yourself so that you can be the best real estate agent in the market. Also read Ready to Move Commercial Office Space Options in Noida.