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Wave One Commercial Business Space the Best in Noida

Wave One, a premium real estate project is located in the commercial hub of Noida-Sector 18 is surrounded by various popular companies, industries, and commercial spaces. The location of this commercial business space comes in the eyes of commercially oriented people and also common customers. It has its attraction amongst the buyers or customers due to its very modern looking and highly comfort-oriented 41-story building. This modern artwork has been designed by a world-known architect, Brennan Beer Gorman coming from New York. This high-standard-looking business space is located in Noida.

For the benefits of investing in real estate, this commercial business will be a highly profitable business space, as it is surrounded by various other well-known commercial industries, companies, and other commercial spaces. This commercial space will cater to every customer looking for business growth with competitions and inspiration surrounded.

As we all know the reason to prioritize the need for a good location. It significantly boosts the productivity of the business and the level of catering to the masses or customers increases thoroughly. These are some of the reasons why you can always choose Wave One to invest in for your commercial business space.  Also read – Commercial Real Estate Market is Buzzing: Noida to Become Commercial Hub

Reasons to choose Wave One

Finest office spaces 

In today’s fast-paced business world, the working space or business space is an important one to look out for before investing in any commercial space. The traditional box-cabins are not only uncomfortable for your employees to work but also are not very attractive for any investments you are looking for in the future.  This is one of the best commercial office spaces in Noida. The comfort this commercial business space offers is finest in regards to quality as well as they look. Also read – The Best Time to Start Investing in Real Estate is Today

Entertainment zone & Food Courts

After the working hours, the entertainment zone and food courts would be the best escape from this business world. Wave One has got your back on this, it provides a separate floor entitled to entertainment and food. This tower in this zone offers relaxation and fun space for every age group be it food-wise or games or shows. The business space will be your best choice for the investment as the location is also in the right place which is the commercial hub of Noida- Sector 18 which makes it a part of an epicenter of attraction for the customers.  Also read – Premium Commercial Spaces in Noida: 2022

Let out at retail outlets 

This modern 41-story building will cater to the demands of every shop owner with its absolute retail outlets as you get more than the required space here at Wave One. Today, when you see a business space or you plan on investing in a business space it is very tough to find retail space. The retail space you are being offered is very costly without fulfilling your business demands. But at Wave One you have the luxury of buying a retail space that is right for your business and your budget. To have your retail shop in the heart of Noida-Sector 18 known as the commercial hub of Noida will be the best one for the setting up and growth of your business.  Also read – Ready-To-Move Commercial Office Spaces in Sector 18, Noida

Hence if you are looking for the best retail outlets in Noida and an exquisite quality commercial business space that caters to your every business need for the setup and upliftment of your business, Wave One is the one-stop investment for you. Also read – Noida A Growing Commercial Hub In NCR

Office Space Leasing Is Likely to Go Up By 30-35% In 2022

Commercial Office space leasing is believed to grow by 30–35 per cent in the year 2022, based on the demands seen over the last few months.

Despite the arrival of the Omicron variant disturbing the revived real estate market, property developers believe commercial leasing is on track to reach pre-pandemic highs by 2023.

“Overall, we estimate net absorption to rebound strongly, recording a 30–35 per cent growth to reach 29–31 million square feet (MSF) levels by the end of 2022, in line with the decadal average. Overall, the office story is looking very promising in the year ahead.” said Badal Yagnik, managing director, tenant representation, Cushman & Wakefield

Now, when companies are gradually moving towards the pre-pandemic normal, bringing employees back to offices, they is still working along with the “work from home” model. Fresh demand across the top eight cities are expected to reach 45–46 MSF in 2022, almost 13–15 per cent growth on an annual basis, which would also be 30 per cent higher than the previous year on average. Also read – Noida A Growing Commercial Hub In NCR.

Cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, and Hyderabad will continue to be the most sought after real estate properties the in 2022. “We expect markets such as Noida and Navi Mumbai to perform well, with growing interest from tech companies to set up larger centres. Pune and Chennai are also expected to bounce back strongly with growing occupier interest,” said Badal Yagnik

In addition to everything, demand at present in the top eight cities has crossed 35 MSF, surpassing the pre-covid years.

“Demand from other sectors such as BFSI and consulting is also likely to show some improvement even as other sectors such as ecommerce, manufacturing, and healthcare gain more strength. Rents are likely to remain stable with an upward bias, particularly in prime office markets driven by mark-to-market renewals and new deals in premium quality projects,” said JLL. Also read – 5 Ways to Invest in Indian Real Estate for Big Returns.

Many major IT companies have settled and are operating from outside India and are expanding their employee base to new heights. For the year 2019, the IT sector saw a quarterly average of 7 MSF, in terms of office consumption compared to 15 MSF across all sectors.

Going by the words of international property consultant Knight Frank, the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have forced commercial office spaces to become future ready. For example, Wave O ne, office spaces, which were built on the very idea of being future ready and prepared for any epidemics or pandemics.

“The office space consumption by the IT sector fell considerably during the lockdown-impacted Q2 and Q3 of 2020, with total space leased amounting to 2 MSF during this six-month period. However, with a return to normalcy in Q4 2020, the space take-up by this sector rose sharply to 8 MSF. From Q1 to Q3 2021, the IT sector leased a total of 8 MSF,” said Knight Frank. Also read – Best Top Location for Commercial Investment in Noida.

Wave One Office Spaces

Waveone Commercial Tower NoidaWave One Office Spaces is located in Sector 18, the upcoming commercial hub of Noida, and is attracting many companies and businesses looking to start their new offices in the area. Also read – How to Choose the best Commercial Property in Noida?

Wave One Commercial office spaces are considered the best office spaces in Sector 18, Noida. The following are the facilities that Wave One offers to their clients:

Facilities at Wave One

  • Spacious open space
  • Soundproofing rooms and conference rooms
  • Advanced security features
  • 2800+ car parking spots
  • Green atmosphere
  • Future ready office spaces

India to Bring In $2.5 Billion FDI in Real Estate Market in 2022: Report

India is expected to bring in $2.5 Billion foreign direct investment (FDI) or cross-border investment in the real estate sector in the year 2022. The US, UK, Germany, France, and the Netherlands will lead the leaderboard in terms of foreign investment, stated by the report published by Knight Frank.

“A series of structural reforms in the recent past has put the country’s real estate sector on a high trajectory attracting global attention. Rapidly improving pandemic scenarios in the country coupled with policy interventions to support realty sector growth will ensure global capital finds it attractive to participate in the sector. The country’s commercial real estate sector has evinced strong global investor interest in segments led by Office and Warehouse,” said Shishir Baijal, CMD, Knight Frank India.

The office sector is expected to grow at a faster pace and will attract most cross-border investments. This is a sign where we can expect to move more towards the normal. The second most attractive sector for cross-border investment would be residential. Also read – Top 7 urban areas see 113% rise in housing sales, new start bounce.

This huge amount of investment will bring new positivity and energy into the market, which was struggling due to the pandemic. The real estate market is one of the most important segments of our economy. This investment would help it get it back on track and make people more confident about investing it in again.

“The real estate sector plays a multiplier effect in the development of the economy and the ecosystem of the country. The sector is expected to reach a market size of USD 1 trillion and contribute 18-20 percent of the country’s GDP by 2030,” said NITI Aayog CEO, Amitabh Kant.

He further added that the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has already given a green light to the Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), where opportunities worth Rs. 1.25 lakh crore will open which help the sector in the coming years. Also read – Step by Step, Indian Real Estate is Reviving From Covid Effect.

Step by Step, Indian Real Estate is Reviving From Covid Effect – Report

Soon after the lockdown was lifted, the Indin economy has been experiencing a ‘V-shape’ recovery, and everything has started to get back on track slowly and steadily. Even, the Indian real estate market is showing signs of great recovery where both residential and commercial property sections are healing from the Covid-19 effect. The pandemic came as a surprise to all of us. It brought everything to halt. From small to medium to large businesses, almost everything suffered the wrath of Covid-19.

Thankfully, things are getting better now. All thanks to the fast vaccination drive which allowed us to get vaccinated at a faster pace, so that, we could get back to live an almost normal life. The commercial office spaces were left abandoned when the ‘Work from Home’ policy was applied in almost every office and business, the renting and leasing saw a decline as people were more inclined towards saving more and spending less because no one knew when the lockdown will come to an end, all these things made the Indian real estate market slow in terms of economic growth. However, things are taking a sharp turn now and we are getting back on track. Also, read  – Which is a Better Option? Real Estate? Or Stocks? Or Both?.

“The market seems to have factored in the very low likelihood of a complete lockdown as was seen last year due to the ample availability of the Covid vaccine. Comparatively lower residential prices, attractive interest rates, and higher household savings rates over the past year should support housing demand going forward. With the upcoming festive season, the market is gearing up for new project launches and consumers are likely to reciprocate,” said Shishir Baijal, CMD, Knight Frank India.

The top seven Indian property markets saw a jump of a record 124% in housing sales, as per the data collected by JLL, and the data collected by Knight Frank showed a rise of 92% in housing sales.

“Developers have already started launching optimally sized apartments to capture changing consumer preference across most of the cities. The Indian residential sector is expected to witness sustained growth in the coming quarters. Renewed buyer confidence has been instrumental in the recovery of the housing market in Q3 2021, which recorded a good volume of sales and launches compared to the same period last year and almost inching towards the pre-covid era,” said Siva Krishnan, head – residential, India, JLL. Also read – Commercial Real Estate in Post-COVID World.

Among the large metro cities, Chennai, Bengaluru, and National Capital Region (NCR) saw the highest recovery in terms of sales and purchase.

In terms of renting and purchasing, the real estate market is heading towards great stability. It is believed that, by the end of the fourth quarter of 2021, the market will see a higher transactions rate, as people are now more confident and are actively taking part in reviving the economy.