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Top Ways to Manage Noise in Open Office Spaces

Top Ways to Manage Noise in Open Office Spaces

Top Ways to Manage Noise in Open Office Spaces

These days, open office spaces are in the trend. Almost every commercial office space is either being built in the open office structure or is being renovated into becoming one. But why? That’s because an open office space gives the employees a healthy environment where they can work efficiently and effectively.

If you have accidentally seen Google’s office, you might know what we are trying to talk about. Their office is like a playground. Open, colorful, green, and whatnot. Office spaces like Google give out the positive vibe and motivation to work productively.

However, there are is one drawback with open office spaces, the noise. Because the space is more open, the sound or noise now travels at a faster rate, as now it doesn’t have many things or stuff to absorb it. More noise can disturb the employees and can affect their productivity. Also read – Best Top Location for Commercial Investment in Noida.

But, this can be sorted out in a creative way. What’s that? Let’s see, the top ways to manage noise in open office spaces:

1.    Hang a Few Acoustic Baffles

Now, when you have got an open office space, you might be concerned about the noise it creates. There is a thing called acoustic baffles, which can be hung on the ceiling. These baffles absorb the sound and reduce its traveling distance. These acoustic baffles come in several amazing designs and sizes, which can also enhance the interiors of the office. So, based on your overall office’s design and wall color, you can choose the baffles that complement it perfectly.

2.    Or the Acoustic Panels

Like acoustic baffles, there are acoustic panels as well. These sound-absorbing panels can be installed on the walls like a painting or picture. You can install them in the common working area and in the conference room where important meetings and conferences take place. Also read – How to Choose the best Commercial Property in Noida?

3.    Go Green

The best part about plants is that they not only keep the atmosphere clean and healthy, they also act as natural sound absorbers and give the office space a really beautiful and green look. Also, there is no such thing as enough plants. More plants, more oxygen in the atmosphere. Also read – Commercial Real Estate Professional – Tips, Tricks & Trends.

4.    Paint The Wall

Acoustic coat wall paint is a heavy-bodied, water-based paint that is applied in several layers on the wall. These layers absorb the sound to a certain level, reflecting the minimum sound, hence, decreasing the overall sound levels in the room. These paints are nothing sort of extraordinary, they just have got the extra coating and hard layers, that’s it. Also read – Looking for Commercial Property and Offices in Noida Sector 18.

Why Choose Waveone?

So, if you are looking for good open commercial office space in Sector 18 Noida, then Waveone could be the place where your search ends. They are located in the commercial hub of Noida, where several big companies are also settled.

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